The beginning 

As I lay in a bed in East Glacier Montana I think back about my time off trail between the end of the PCT and now. It seems like forever ago, yet it also seems like just yesterday. Tomorrow morning I will begin my hike at the Chief Mountain trail head with my friends Snakebite and Crunchmaster. I hiked most of Washington with Snakebite last year and had always heard about Crunchmaster last year from our mutual friend Shepard. I consider myself lucky to be hiking with the two of them, not very long ago I thought I would be hiking this trail alone. Our permits allow us 5 days to get from Chief Mountain back down to East Glacier before we continue or journey into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Due to having to take a shuttle to Chief Mountain and the way the backcountry campgrounds are set up in Glacier our first day will be a very short 9 miles. From our first nights campsite at Elizabeth lake we will continue to have shorter days less then 20 miles in length while in the park. Fingers crossed that I get my trail legs quickly and can keep up with the other two. Snakebite has renamed me Grizzly rather then my old trail name of Mr Smith. I’m not completely sure if this name is because of my experience around grizzly bears or my sometimes grouchy personality. Either way I like it and am keeping it. 

fresh snow that dusted the mountains this evening. 

Over the next few months I hope to blog about each leg of my hike between towns and resupplies. I cant thank my amazing sister in denver that handles all my resupplies enough for her help and support during my thru hikes. I also can say enough how thankful I am that I got to spend time with my mom and my dad and step mom before starting this hike. They have all been so supportive of me and this crazy passion that I have. 

Doing the CDT was a dream and a goal of mine even before I started the PCT last spring. However I never thought it was a dream that would come true until I completed the PCT. It truly is amazing what we’re capable of accomplishing when we’re willing to ignore alittle pain and discomfort and just become one with the beauty around us and get lost in it.


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