Hi everyone, I am a long distance hiker based out of Denver Colorado. In 2015 I made the journey of a life time hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. It was a physically and mentally difficult trip that forever changed my life and my outlook on what is really important to me. In 2016 I am planning to again hike from Mexico to Canada but this time on the even more grueling Continental Divide Trail. I wasn’t a kid that was born loving the mountains or spending my weekends camping and hiking. In fact I never went camping until my late 20’s. I grew up in a very small town in Michigan and loved to go fishing and play sports in my free time. The first real experience hiking was after I moved to Colorado in 2006 with my sister. I had never been camping or backpacking till I moved to Denali National Park Alaska for work in 2010. That was the summer I fell in love with the wilderness and nature. I spent all my free time with the Moose, Grizzly Bears, and Wolves of Alaska. I spent 4 amazing seasons in Denali, and surrounding areas exploring Alaska. I knew I had to do something more permanent in the outdoors. When the idea of hiking the PCT became a reality it was scary, exciting, stressful, and all I could think about in the months leading up to it. Now that I am again preparing to do a thru hike I need to put my thoughts on paper. I hope everyone enjoys this blog, and maybe you will even find some things useful as well.


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